Photo documentation: “Any Number of Things”


Setups for shots of an artist’s book titled Any Number of Things, about the death of Captain James Cook.  The book is in the form of a poem printed on a 10-foot scroll; the scroll is encased in a glass bottle, which is balanced on a dish printed with a calligraphic portrait of Cook.  The book was published by the Ohio State University Libraries’ Logan Elm Press.

Lighting: Transmitted light with various modifications. 1′ x 3′ softbox with strobe, through translucent cloth (or paper for lighter shots) stretched on a frame, clamped to the copy stand with the bottle set up on the other side.





The elements of the artist’s book, in addition to the glass bottle and wooden cork:


Once the requested shots were done, I just started playing with different setups.  The effort involved in producing a very tightly prescribed image seems to build up a lot of creative energy that doesn’t entirely find its outlet within the parameters of the job.  So most projects end with at least a brief “play” phase.  Sometimes the images end up getting used in the project, sometimes not.


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