Why I love drawing

Just to stay in practice, I was copying a face from a 19th century photograph. I was having trouble figuring out the chin, why the shadows around it looked the way they did. Then it hit me: they guy’s mustache was so big, it was casting its own shadow.

You don’t notice little things like that unless you’re drawing.


Photographing an Artist’s Book

Any Number of Things is an artist’s book handmade and printed at the Logan Elm Press, the fine arts book press at the Ohio State University Libraries.  Like many artists’ books, it takes an unusual form.  As the Libraries’ Digital Imaging Specialist, I was asked to photograph it.  Glass is a little tricky to capture, even when it’s empty. Add a handmade scroll, a wooden stopper, and a ceramic dish, and it gets complicated.  On this page, I illustrate a few different ways I set up the shot.